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Dr. Alberto Pinzon

Neurologist with Baptist Health Neuroscience Center

Alexandra Turcios

Alexandra Turcios, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with Baptist Health Neuroscience Center, considers everybody has experienced back problems. She advises being aware because sometimes people don’t know how to use appropriately their body biomechanics. Overweight, ageing, smoking, diabetes and heart diseases also affect the body and may cause back problems, she says. Strain is an injury […]

Dr. Antonio Mesa

Pain is a symptom, it is not a diagnosis. Dr. Antonio Mesa, Neurologist with Baptist Hospital Miami, explains how important it is to know this and how doctors are trained to look for the cause to treat the pain. Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), pelvic pain and opioids are correlated. Dr. Antonio Mesa, Neurologist with Baptist […]

Dr. Jobyna Whiting

Posture is one of the most important things that can affect how your necks feels. “We have several muscles that attach from our head and from our neck down to the lower part of our body. Maintaining good neutral posture is going to keep you from overworking those muscles in the wrong kind of way […]