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Osteoporosis can cause bones to break, so it is very important to get this diagnosis because it could be detrimental. Jose Mena, Interventional Spine Specialist at Miami Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute, explains when the hip bone has more porous areas, it means the bone is not as strong, so it can become fragile and eventually can break up and people can develop fractures.

If the injury is not treated, people can have a hip fracture, that can be debilitating, they can suffer with pain and that can impact their mobility.


I want to show our viewers exactly why osteoporosis causes bones to break we have a 3d image and I find this to be very fascinating and like you said doctor it’s very important that we get this diagnosis because it could be detrimental absolutely what are we looking at here Dr. Mena Here we’re looking at the hip bone so what we’re looking is the cross-section or basically slicing the hip bone in two so you’re seeing the inner part of the of the bone so we’re looking into the bone is a little more brittle so there are more porous areas more open area so what that means that the bone is not as strong as pop it’s not as strong so that can be come fragile and eventually can break off and people can develop fractures. Alright and when something like this occurs it is really imperative Dr. Pazionis to target this and take care of it right? Absolutely so there’s there’s two factors that can be at play here so firstly the acute compression fracture so if it’s something like a hip fracture that’s something that I would take care of operatively at the time surgery if it’s something like a vertebral body compression fracture there are a number of schools of thought which we’ll discuss within this program on how to deal with those oftentimes patients are braced initially but the underlying cause and that must be treated so looking at the medical management whether or not the patient should be on specific bone strengthening medications or if it’s something that is related to a cancer or trauma that also should be addressed and investigated. And Dr. Mena going back to the 3d image which I’d like to take again on a scale of one to ten for example how bad is this one right here if we can show our viewers one more time. One being nothing ten being the worse I would say about an eight. And again not treating it we’re looking into possibly having a hip fracture. A hip fracture and that can be debilitating people can obviously with a hip fracture they can suffer with pain and that can impact their mobility and certain operators are they leaving and some people can can be more but written for regarding base based on this and what we’re looking if they become a little more betrayed and people can also leave also motor core morbidities alongside with it so that’s why we want to make sure to jump in and treat this as quick as possible to avoid the consequences that this can happen overtime. So Dr. Mena I mean there is also some evidence within the orthopedic literature that for example hip fractures not treated within 48 hours can be actually detrimental to patients and the five-year mobility from having hip fracture is comfortable to that of a heart attack.

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