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The Importance of Dental Health |

The recommendation of Dr. Teresa Lozano, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, is to keep good oral hygiene: brushing the teeth at least twice a day after meals, flossing once a day, avoiding sugary foods and visiting the dentist at least once a year.
She also advises brushing the tongue, because it also collects food.
The specialist also recommends removing dental plaque, because it can cause cavities and other health problems.


Explain to us and our viewers at home why is why you’re taking care of your teeth your oral hygiene so important doctor Lozano well it is better to take care of a problem before it even starts like a convention you know and so the recommendation is to keep good oral hygiene brush your teeth at least twice a day after each meal ideally three times a day after each meal some of us don’t have the luxury because that we’re out in the street and stuff so the lunch one the right one right after lunch gets missed flossing once a day usually how much should you floss I’ve gotten so much better about my flossing yeah you should floss every single space not yet but every day but every day you should floss you should floss once a day brushing your teeth at least twice a day yeah at least twice a day okay a toothpaste containing fluoride to keep the enamel strong okay now the tap water that we receive at home has some fluoride so it protects us a little bit also avoid sugary foods because the same way we like the sugar the bacteria in the mouth like the sugar so we don’t want to give them extra incentive to know your teeth because I can lead to bad breath also let’s go to that one bad Maratha is routinely caused by sugar really well from bacteria in bacteria which are fed by the sugar but you should also go visit your dentist at the very least once a year and once they evaluate you they’re gonna select what type of cleaning you’re going to have and how often you should have a cleaning some people have it every six months some people need to have it more often every three months or now here’s a question for you should you brush the tongue I brush my tie yes if you should brush it why as well because it also collects food okay we’re constantly forming something called plaque dental plaque which is like a film that covers our teeth and gums and and on our tongue and it has a lot of bacteria in it and then if we let that bacteria grow then you get all these acid that costs cavities some of these products of an inflammation that our own body trying to get rid of this bacteria causes inflammation and then you get periodontal disease and all those problems you

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