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Dental Crown Procedure, Health Channel

Dr. Arnaldo Lopez, General Dentist and Owner with SOMI Dental Group, explains with a model how implants work.

He describes implants have three different parts: the implant, the crown and abutment, the screw onto the screw.

He explains the crown is needed when the cavity is too big and it takes over more than a half of the tooth structure.


Dental Crown Procedure, Health Channel

What’s not so the crown actually you brought something yes don’t worry take your time there we go and there it is so this is a model I use this model every single day at my office I will I probably use it with every single new patient that comes in and it basically describes a couple of different things so the model here shows an implant which you’ll see right here in the middle and the implant is composed of three different parts so the actual implant is this screw looking thing okay and obviously it’s not that big in your mouth this is just for show just for showing tall guys so basically when you look at it it comes in three different parts so you have the implant and then you have the crown that sits on top right and this is cemented onto the implant but you have to need something that connects the implant to the actual crown which is this little guy right here so this is called an abutment and this is basically just the piece that screws onto the screw okay so that is under so and that goes and it gets attached onto here and then afterwards what you just put on okay so an actual crown is a little bit different the reason why you need a crown is sometimes when this hand so they can visit love that so sometimes when the cavity is too big and it takes over more than half of the tooth structure the tooth can be filled with just a regular filling because then the tooth will fracture and it won’t work so basically metal things first in the middle so this is an implant the crown I’m going to show you on this other tooth so basically what happens is we clean up the tooth and we have to shave around the tooth in order to use the crown so the crown I tell patients is kind of like a shoe that’s fitting on a foot so we shade the tooth down to make the – that kind of looks like this mmm right and so this piece shows that this is like your actual tooth structure which you can see here this is the top part of the tooth and then here you’ll see the roots and then we take a mold of this and we send it to the lab and so the lab will actually fabricate this crown all in porcelain there’s different types of crowns nowadays we use porcelain some other Konya which is a lot more aesthetic and basically what we do is we take this and we basically cement it onto the tooth and that is exactly you

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