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The Most Common Back Problems |

Back pain is one of the most common causes of ER admissions. Around 60 to 80% of the public have this condition, affirms Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik, Spine Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida.

Patients refer back pain as sciatica and pain that goes down the leg. The specialist says this is the nerve pain and that’s really debilitating humans, because it’s intolerable.

For most of people, back pain is muscle pain, he says.


What are some of the more common back problems that people experience?. > Back pain is probably 60 to 80 percent of the public at some point it’s the most common cause of the ER admissions, then there is the type of pain which, which is commonly referred to as sciatica, pain that goes down the leg and that’s nerve pain, there’s really a few things that can mimic that, so when pain goes down the legs or what its neck pain going down the arms that’s nerve pain and that’s really debilitating humans just aren’t meant to live with that pain.> Right and you hear a lot of people saying me duele la siática, that’s a very common way of saying it la siática, once you hear it you cringe cuz I mean it’s never happened to me you know, but uh but I see the pain and you just know they’re suffering.> Nerve pain is intolerable my my spanish-speaking patients sometimes will say, dolor de la cadera. >Dolor de la cadera, they like I’ll do that that’s the other one and it’s off and you know what they’re going through.> You got it some patients say I have hip pain and I always say what’s hip?, what do you call your hip?, but anything sort of on the side the flank going down to the butt, the thighs, the legs, that’s, that’s it that’s the back pain going to the nerves.> Okay and I’ll by the way and I do want to say dolores en la cintura, just it’s basically pain and during that like the waist area, so you’re gave me for not translating, dolores en la cintura, so far I haven’t had that, but I’m sure it’ll happen to me one day, now doctor are they this dolor en la cintura, as we say that waist pain, or la siática which is that leg pain, is that a chronic condition?, or is that acute condition?.> You know there are all kinds let’s be real objective, what are the causes of each element pain going down the legs that’s nerve pain just as Olga said, but why back pain well it’s common to hear that the cause of back pain is muscular and that’s true, it’s true for you for a young person who just moved furniture, it’s true for an athlete who overdid it during practice, but for the most patients for mortals like myself who really don’t do extreme strenuous activities back pain is muscle pain for what reason, and if there’s nerve pain then usually the reason is one in the same, your body doesn’t want you to move a part that’s causing nerve pain, so it gives you an internal splint now you use only one way that your body can stop you from moving by making the muscles are really hard and rigid, by giving you a spasm, that’s what patients perceive as back pain, and that’s the type of pain that goes away immediately once you put out a fire that is burning that’s deep inside.

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