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Tips for a Healthy Lunchbox |

Tips for a Healthy Lunchbox, Health Channel

One of the most important things when preparing the lunchbox is to pack a water bottle, says Lucette Talamas, Registered Dietitian with Baptist Health South Florida.
She notes insulated lunchbox is better than paper brown bags. Also ice packs can help foods stay cold or hot.
Healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and proteins are the best choice for lunchbox. After-school snacks can be important too, she affirms.


Tips for a Healthy Lunchbox, Health Channel

What is the most important thing kids should take to school with them. That lose that from a registered dietitians point of view what would that be besides the healthy lunch that you’re gonna pack for them?> Right. > Well besides a healthy lunch and the lunch alone maybe a mission to pack so let’s not forget what else could go with the lunch which is water. So we’re here talking about food but as healthy hydration don’t forget to pack that water bottle that they can be refilling throughout the day, and also maybe even an after-school snack. So we forget that kids they’re smaller they have smaller stomachs which means that they may get hungry more frequent. So sometimes lunch is really early it’s like at 10:30 a.m. 11:00 a.m. Right. So within three to four hours they may be hungry. So something very simple, we’ll talk about some examples it could just be a piece of fruit, but that after-school snack can be really important to just throw in the backpack. The question really is suggestions you have for keeping food cold besides just you know maybe throwing in an ice pack what do you recommend? > Right. Well first we would start with the lunchbox making sure it’s insulated. So while paper brown bags can be you know a good idea but at the same time we want maybe that insulated lunchbox sure as he just mentioned including one maybe even two ice packs we live in Florida it does get hot we’re not sure where the lunchbox is you know hopefully it’s in the classroom but these ice packs can definitely help keep the food cold and that’s definitely the rule of thumb help keep cold food cold and hot food hot. So we start with the lunchbox safety with that.

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