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Tongue-Tie Surgery: Benefits |

How is the afterwards of the procedure to fix the tongue-tie? Dr. Leslie Haller, General Dentist with Tongue Tie South Florida, explains the benefits of using a laser for the surgery, such as no bleeding, no sutures, and no anesthesia.


What it’s like after the procedure they’re not what they’re eating they’re fine are we expecting any side effects or we expecting any risk to this kind of procedure well as first Dylan after the procedure he was sleeping quite quite a while after the procedure probably exhausted because they are still uncomfortable and they’re away from their parents and you know they’re gonna cry and that’s normal and he was so he was sleeping awhile he got up well right after the procedure he took it for ounces which is something that he’s never done before so I was really like there was that relief for him so he was probably full his sugars weren’t low anymore and he was full so he he slept quite some time he got up seemed a little uncomfortable I gave him some over-the-counter supplements to help with the pain I also froze some breast milk and that helped with a lot of this pain relief as well and we were good that’s amazing I want to talk about the benefits though of using the laser dr. Holloran we have a graphic here that’s gonna show us up to some of these and the first one being which is great for anyone no bleeding yes yes very little bleeding if any at all okay and the pain level is much lower than with the scalpel and no sutures no post-op antibiotics and sometimes we do with no anesthesia I use a little bit of lidocaine I always tell the parents it’s for me because the babies cry right I just want to make sure they’re not in relation okay you know they’re not crying because it hurts their crime because they’re angry with me that I’m in their mouth and trying to take pictures and hold it still but it’s it’s they don’t feel any pain you

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