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Dr. Dr. Daniel Martinez, Urologist with Baptist Health South Florida, explains the treatment for erectile dysfunction should start the most minimally invasive and work way up.

He describes there are four treatment groups, but pills are the most popular.

Nowadays, there are five pills available on the market: Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Stacks and Stendra, he adds.


We have some some different props that you brought it and a lot of people I imagine walk in your office and say give me the little blue pill. > That’s right everybody loves the blue pill and actually the blue pill now there’s five of theirs five total five medications — okay — that are that are available. When somebody comes in and they’re looking for treatment options I tell them first and foremost don’t worry they’re gonna have sex until the day they die and of course you can imagine most guys have a huge smile on their face once I say that — and that’s true? — That is true. — Is always a way to fix it — There’s always something that can be offered. It’s just… I do… you should take a stepwise fashion and start probably with the most minimally invasive and work your way up. > So number one would be? > So there’s four treatment groups we’ll start off with the first treatment group. I’m gonna just as a sample here here’s one of the five different pills that are available right now on the market, to give you an idea in order of how they came out the first was viagra that’s the famous blue pill, — right — the second was levitra, then cialis came out, then stacks n’, and the last one is stendra. What’s the big difference between these. The three big difference is how long they last in your body, side-effect profile, and how when how well one person responds versus the other. > So you might try different ones you might say try this one, then this one, then this one, see what works better for you > And not only that there’s a couple different ways of taking this. The classic ways an hour before you take a pill they also all have different high doses, the second way would be a little bit every single day and the one that carries the indication now is cialis five milligrams — okay — some people will also be on a baseline status found five milligrams and take a little bit extra when they go to have section of course that’s called booster dosing. > So is it viagra the only blue one? > Viagra is the only blue and interesting enough you want to know why it’s blue right because one of the side effects is a messes with your color schemes and so some guys were seeing things in hues of blue and so that’s where the blue came the blue color from the pill came from. > But all the other ones are white. > No actually cialis is yellow — okay — stacks in is an actual sublingual form of the vitro — okay — and so they all have their little nuances to make them stand out

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