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Triglycerides are basically energy, food. It’s a main component of nutrition, says Dr. Jonathan Fialkow, Chief Population Health Officer with Baptist Health South Florida.

He also affirms cholesterol and triglycerides have nothing to do with each other. “They’re both passengers in the particle,” he explains.


Triglycerides, how does, what are they and how does that all fit into this formula?. > Triglycerides are basically energy, it’s basically food, right if you think about this as living organisms we require nutrition, we eat food, we absorb it ,we digest it, we package it, we deliver it to our cells for energy, the carbon bonds are burned if everyone remembers their old krebs cycle from high school chemistry, so food is delivered to the body and that has to be delivered to the cells, so the liver takes in all the food from the intestinal tract, proteins, sugars, carbohydrates, and fats, it packages them, and triglyceride is the main component of nutrition, so a triglyceride is a 3 carbon sugar, right people don’t think of triglycerides of having sugar, the glyceride like glucose, and as a fatty acid attached to each, so these are these kept these molecules that have fats and sugars, that are packaged in the liver in these particles, and they’re sent out, and they become food, triglycerides are delivered to the cells for energy, now these particles, as they travel through the body, leaving tract with triglycerides, pick up cholesterol, so cholesterol may then the cells, is picked up by these particles, we always say, we think it missed the bus, and the cholesterol is the passenger, it goes around the blood, picks up the passenger, and brings them back to the liver.- Thank you very much for bringing school concept.> Cholesterol triglycerides have nothing to do with each other, they’re both passengers in the particle, and as we alluded to earlier, it’s not the cholesterol in the triglyceride levels specifically, it’s is that particle getting into the arteries, the higher the triglycerides, the more energy coming in, or if the people have a genetic disorder, and that’s associated with the people who wind up getting the particles into the arteries more, so two people with the same cholesterol level, the one with the higher triglycerides is felt to be the one who’s at more risk.

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