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There are different types of disc herniation: bulging disc, herniated disc, degenerated disc and thinning disc and Dr. Theresa Pazionis, Orthopedic & Spine Surgeon with Miami Cancer Institute, explains each one of them.
The specialist affirms pain and nerve roots are referred in many of these cases.


Now when it comes to spinal discs there are quite a few other conditions that could occur and we have a graphic here which illustrates some of the other conditions now when you tell the tell us in fact these with the normal the bulging sure so so normal disc looks nice and smooth okay bulging disc and herniated disc it’s it’s a little bit of a it’s a it’s a difficult distinction really what is balding what is herniated so bulging essentially means that there is some tearing in the annulus fibrosus and some of the disc has sort of bulged out but it hasn’t completely herniate correct herniated or extruded discs is more that okay not only is there a bulge where it’s just sort of there and it’s static but there’s actually a piece of disc material that’s pushed its way out of the annulus and it’s sort of a free-floating fragment within the canal okay so it’s a little bit more of a severe form of a bulging disc but if it’s all on a continuum okay degenerative discs generally causes back pain as opposed to like pain although certainly it can cause both essentially what that means is think about it as a we’ve all been members and friends who’ve had hip replacements or knee replacement right example okay in your spine it’s much the same thing okay so if your mom your dad had knee pain and they had knee arthritis you could have back pain and back arthritis because the cartilage or the disc material is getting worn down essentially okay so there’s different presentations but more commonly than not a herniated disc is going to cause leg pain okay and the generative disc is going to cause back pain predominantly but it can be a combination of back and leg pain and we saw there also there was a thinning and that’s in your shock absorbers are now no more are correct so what will happen in that case is when you have enough discs the tourney ated or if the disc is degenerative enough in that case you can actually start to get thinning and then this will be more back pain because they’ll be degenerative discs essentially and then also the disc height won’t be there anymore so you can get something called foraminal stenosis so the holes that the nerves come out of is maintained by the disc height as the districts think about it like Indiana Jones trying to exit through that little hole in that movie okay right essentially he won’t people eggs it anymore because it’ll be compressed down and that’s when you get this compression and that’s when you get hangover gate we’re regarding either nerve roots and pain in legs you

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