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There are three general types of the pain: acute (pain that lasts less than 4 weeks), subacute ((pain that lasts 4 to 12 weeks), and chronic (pain that lasts 3 or more months).

Dr. Jose Mena, Interventional Spine Specialist with Miami Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute, says chronic pain becomes more challenging in terms of treatment. Everything is possible. Patients can get better with a chronic condition, but it is more challenging than someone with an acute system.”


We want to go over a three general types of neck pain there are three to look out for so let’s take that graphic and the first is acute doctorate pain that lasts less than four weeks that’s correct we have the cube the sub acute and chronic so that’s the right those are the right definition so acute normally the pain lasts for less than four weeks sub acute less than between anywhere between four to 12 weeks for the most part acute a sub and sub acute symptoms murmurs of acute pain normally they are itself limited now when the symptoms they start going more than three months that’s when they started by definition start becoming crime or chronic and that’s becomes a little more challenging in terms of treatment everything is possible we can we can a patient they can get better with a chronic condition but it’s actually a little more challenging as someone who has an acute symptom Claudius or one that concerns you more than other is it because of how long it’s going on or how people think that just because as dr. Mann had alluded just because pain has an acute onset sometimes those patients have resolution of the pain a lot quicker when you have patients who have pain that have been sub acute or chronic you know those are a little bit harder to manage because you know we’re trying to get to the root of what’s going on sometimes it’s been degeneration you know wear and tear over such a long period of time patients you know sometimes start with medications start getting you know unable to wean off medication then there are other issues that we need to take a look at but you know what they think is concerning is really not as concerning now if the patient has a fall then definitely you know we’re looking at fractures and different things and if it’s of the cervical spine as dr. Mann had alluded then you know there could be other neurological sequelae like the weakness the bowel the bladder you

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