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Understanding Cancer Pain: Causes and Symptoms |

Understanding Cancer Pain: Causes and Symptoms, Health Channel

Understanding Cancer Pain: Causes and Symptoms

Stomach, pancreatic, breast, and brain are the most painful types of cancer. However, Dr. Moises Lustgarten, Pain Medicine Physician with Baptist Health South Florida, says all cancers can become painful because cancer hurts due to either growth of a tumor invasion into adjacent tissues or sometimes treatment. Dr. Lustgarten explains that depending on the location, the pain will be severe or non-existent. But it can be painful in cases of metastatic disease or terminal cancers. 

Cancer pain can also be caused by the undergoing treatment of cancer, as many patients develop neuropathy and painful nerves from chemotherapy. Some patients get tissue damage from radiation therapy which can also cause pain.  Thus, cancer pain is not one ideology but it’s multiple; it depends on the cancer stage.

To watch the full segment of Dr. Moises Lustgarten, explain causes of cancer pain visit; https://youtu.be/UG9n0aS8eo8

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