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Gaining weight during pregnancy varies from person to person. Dr. Ellen Schwartzbard, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, advises not eating for two during pregnancy.
The specialist affirms on average it’s about 25-30 pounds for the entire pregnancy, about 300 additional calories per day.
She says that overweight women are well if they gain fewer pounds during pregnancy. Low weight patients can gain more.


That you brought that up, i have been curious about this. I did this way back when.
And you have two children. i do, i have two boys. gaining weight. Everybody is different. I gained 18 pounds. I would get criticized, you are not using enough, you are eating for two. Some women gain more, but that is ok. there is variation from person to person. You are a little person, so we vary it on the size. What the prepregnancy rate is. We say you are not eating for two. You want to get them mentality out right away. On average, for the average weight person, we say about 25-30 pounds for the entire pregnancy, but for the person who is overweight to start with, you could gain less. And pacients who are underweight can gain more.

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