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What Is Acute Pain, Health Channel

Dr. Jose Mena, Interventional Spine Specialist with Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute, explains acute is the pain for the first 30 days, and chronic is when the pain persists more than three months, and the more chronic it becomes, the more difficult it is to treat.

Back pain can occur with scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, arthritis, and spinal stenosis. “Scoliosis will be more of a chronic condition that normally occurs when the bones are fusing and they are forming. When you get into 18 years old, you’re done with puberty, the bones fuse and pretty much that’s when you develop scoliosis,” he says.


What Is Acute Pain, Health Channel

What’s the difference between acute and chronic pain? > This will be the definition. Normally when we call acute meaning something that happened from now for the first 30 days. Most of the time acute pain for them for the most part it gets people are gonna get better, chronic will be that something that persists more than three months and obviously you will say what happens between the first month and the third month so we call it sub acute. So typically acute /sub acute injuries will get better for the most part something that persists will become chronic and those are the more difficult – the more chronic becomes more more years the more difficult becomes to get treated. > One of the more likely ones when we come down to the chronic pain including the scoliosis is in there as well. > Scoliosis will be more of a chronic condition that normally occurs when we are during the teenagers the bones are fusing and they are forming, normally there are some rotations. So normally when you get into 18 years old, 19 when you’re done with puberty, normally the bones they they fuse and pretty much that’s what you get developed from scoliosis. Unless down the road people develop a the unit of scoliosis which means that’s Colusa that developed after 70s and 80s when the the joints they become a little more relaxed and there’s there’s chances for for slipping and causing some rotation. > And the difference in the rest? > The reason of the rest there I saw scoliosis, I saw spondylolisthesis, which is basically the slippage of one vertebra over the other one. Spondylosis will be basically work arthritis of the lower back. > What about phantom pain is there such a thing? > There’s such a thing normally phantom pain will be a condition that normally orthopedics you do an amputation for for someone and after the amputation they still have pain where the actual limb was located, and people… there’s two things we have phantom pain and phantom limb phantom limb is that you have the sensation of the limb that is it was there and then we have the phantom pain which is which is actually the pain and normally that happens because the brain still remembers that there was a limb pressing that was painful and already affected it’s already embedded in the central nervous system.

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