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Advantages of Dental Implants |

Dental implants protect the facial bone and they feel and look like natural teeth. Dr. Teresa Lozano, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, explains what other advantages dental implants have and how you can maintain them.


And there’s a lot of advantages to dental implants let’s show our viewers some of these and we can chime in feel look fix and function like natural teeth like natural teeth they feel exactly the same obviously you have to clean them the same I was gonna say brush that area well of course you do they do not get decay because they’re metal or ceramic but they do get inflammation in the gum if you don’t take care of them so you can still loose an implant from pair it’s not cold periodontitis but peri-implantitis right right because you still have your gums obviously because there’s that they they still stimulate the bone around they protect the bone height so you preserve some of the bone that’s adjacent to the teeth and unlike the other options for a restoration of teeth that don’t preserve the bone and can we go back of course let’s go back to that image right there and let’s see if we can bring it up we have advantages do not get teeth okay and then do not yeah you don’t need to grind down the adjacent teeth okay to place implants so you’re protecting you know like let’s say you lose a tooth that is decayed but the two neighboring teeth are in perfect health you know perfectly healthy so why would you bring them down to just exactly a regular bridge it would be you know not the best option for the patient and who’s a candidate for dental implants I mean I’m gonna assume you have to be a certain age it just can’t be anyone right yes we like to do them after the patient has completed growth the reason being once you put an implant in a place it stays there if the patient continues to grow then the page the implant is gonna look sunken in mm-hm and it’s gonna have a whole other source of issues you know like food entrapment and the crown is gonna look short so we want we don’t usually use them in kids usually 18 and older and but anybody that has reasonable good health can get implants there’s very few occasions in which some patients can and have some medications that they’ve taken that effect upon healing that we cannot place implants in those cases

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