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When a patient has a lot of teeth and his bite is not correct, he can brush his teeth as well. If the patient is not a good flosser, it can cause plaque and tartar. This tartar is bacteria and it attacks the tooth and causes a cavity, explains Dr. Arnaldo Lopez, General Dentist and Owner with SOMI Dental Group.
He explains in his practice he recommends Invisalign, because it is more aesthetic and treatment time is so much faster than brackets.
Invisalign is plastic and super comfortable, he affirms.


All right so doctor how does an uneven bike cause tooth decay so I talked a lot of about this in my office we call it malocclusion so basically when you have a lot of teeth that are crowded and your bite is not correct you basically can brush your teeth as well so that’s one of the biggest problems when you have a lot of crowding in between your teeth when you use your toothbrush it cleans kind of over the surface and it doesn’t really get in between so if you’re not a good flosser that plaque then becomes tartar and that tartars bacteria and then that bacteria starts attacking the tooth and that’s really how it starts causing the cavity so how do you help somebody that has an uneven bite so this is kind of my favorite part of the office we recommend something that’s called Invisalign okay I’ve heard about it Invisalign versus regular braces versus regular braces so right they’re both good now practices are becoming way more esthetic and the patients are just wanting to look a little bit better and so a lot of people don’t want to have all these brackets on their teeth and so I guess that’s why and also the treatment time is so much faster there’s people that have been in braces for years and years and you have one arm I do so basically Invisalign comes in these little packets and Invisalign is so easy because they’re just a bunch of different plastic aligners that slowly start moving the teeth together so they fit onto the teeth kind of just like this so you can see the little mold and people who are high-profile or just have a lot of events or I really don’t want to have those brackets on if you have an event you can take them off so you really want to have them on about 20 to 22 hours a day if not it’s not really doing its job really comfortable they’re super comfortable I mean you have some plastic in your mouth so it’s not the most ideal but compared to having to put wax on all of your teeth because the brackets are ripping your lips apart that’s a little bit different so they’re way more comfortable compared to regular braces and I just think cleaning wise you can take them off and clean your teeth and it just helps so much

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