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Natalie Castro, Registered Dietitian with Baptist Health South Florida, explains the natural sugars in the grapes is what makes the wine and makes the fermentation process to create alcohol. “There is going to be natural sugar in there, just as if you were taking a cup of juice.”

She says it is just about regulating it, you want to know how much calories you have. “There will be alcoholic averages that will be a healthier choice in the sense that they do not have added sugar.”


When it comes to alcohol intake how do we moderate that sugar or that added sugar right so it’s just gonna be like our let’s take juice for example once you take so grapes if we take wine wine comes from grapes and we process it down and squeeze out the grapes and get rid of the fiber and then we ferment it and it turns into alcohol okay right so it’s in the process so we don’t add sugar to wine or to the process but the natural sugars in the fruit is what makes the wine right and actually makes a fermentation process to create that alcohol so there is gonna be natural sugars in there just as if you were drinking a cup of juice so it’s just a matter of regulating that so then now you know that a glass of wine has about a hundred and fifty calories so you just want to know how much and what portions you end up having right now there are gonna be some beverages alcoholic beverages that are going to be a healthier choice in the sense that they don’t have that added sugar so a beverage like a mojito for example the traditional recipe for it adds sugar so you sweeten it with added sugar so that’s something to be concerned of because that’s where you’re getting those extra sugar grams in your diet we need to have skinny mojitos yes let’s take a look at the graphic with some sugar substitutions including stevia where one teaspoon equals one cup of sugar Natalie explain the other natural sweeteners to us and what we’re looking at here so what’s happening here is that this is actually showing you what you could have instead of so I think when we were mentioning here the stevia that you only need one teaspoon versus using one cup of regular sugar to reach that maximum sweetness flavor do you need to use a whole cup of sugar no like I mentioned before you can use less sugar you can use natural products just like the one below bananas for example especially if you’re baking um you use smashed up bananas instead of regular sugar and that’s one cup of smashed bananas instead of one cup of sugar and you just substitute it out a very healthy recipe so that you can make this in a natural form so here with the bananas you’re gonna have that fiber so it’s gonna reduce how fast your blood sugars shoot up so that’s a very healthy alternative to the sugar that’s gonna make that drive up so quickly you

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