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Whole Grain vs. Sweetened Cereal |

Angie Placeres, Registered Dietitian with Baptist Health South Florida, explains sugar-laden cereal is not about bad food, you only have to look at how many you are having of the sugar-laden sweets.

She also says chips are high in fat and many times we do not eat one serving. She recommends making your own at home.


Whole-grain cereal versus sugar sweetened cereal yes and this is really I know this is big with the kids so the kids love to eat all of these sugary and this is just one in particular we’re not picking on any brand but anything that’s sugar-laden versus more wholesome wheat and even with the checks with these for example this could still have some additives origin and preservatives and that’s your something I also have learned being here the host of the health channel is it doesn’t matter if it’s Cheerios or checks you’re all bran right we have to read the labels exactly and it’s it’s almost impossible it’s not but it’s almost impossible to find these types of packaged foods that have no preservatives right at all because then it’s not gonna last on the shelf so there has to be sometimes one or two preservatives to be able to meet that shelf-life of even a year so it’s not always a bad set exactly it’s not always a bad thing and that’s why we said depending on how much you’re having of it if you’re having more of your wholesome foods and you have Cheerios sometimes that’s okay right so we have to kind of balance that out not to say that foods are good or bad because this is something you know I’m a big advocate of this who is not good and bad it’s just how much are you having of those maybe high sugar laden sweets right now Angie I’m moving on to chips yeah and you have singled out my favorite chips it had all cooked 40% reduced fat Cape Cod chips so talk to me about chips versus bathe or regular potato chips okay good question and I brought here potatoes like the whole somewhere where it originally came from so again this is the less process obviously when you have a big potato you can make your own fries and chips at home as well I know it’s more of an arduous process this is again not any particular brand there forty percent reduced fat sometimes you can get them low fat and low salt and those are good too because then they don’t have all those added calories because chips are chips and they are high in fat and many times we don’t just sit and eat like one serving well sometimes half a bag or a whole bag some of us and the bags are getting smaller and smaller so it’s easier to do that nowadays so we have to just be careful if you’re having that try to get a healthier option and again looking at the label in terms of what else are they adding to it there’s always gonna be some kind of salt as a preservative and for flavor but you could make your own at home so that’s the other thing that many times we we try to kind of enforce that try to make your own types of french fries and those sweet potato fries are delicious they are one of my favorite you

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