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Lower back injuries, knees and shoulders are the top-three injuries that can occur after a Weekend Warrior session, Doctor James Jennings, Family Medicine Specialist at Baptist Health Primary Care, says.

He explains injuries can put a person down for a period of time. If the patient suffers from a lower back pain, the specialist doesn’t recommend to practice running, cross fit or similar.

Core training is the baseline of being able to do a lot of different activities and the doctor recommends keeping the core strong with exercises like swimming or yoga to prevent back pain.


Doctor again in your practice what injuries are you seeing in your patients is it the Achilles rupture is it other conditions what’s happening yeah this is a much more serious injury than we would see in family medicine but the probably top three would be lower back injuries knees and shoulders and and we’re referencing injuries that are certainly much more serious in terms of putting that person down for a period of time they are treatable problems but they will add to a lot of the debility especially when you talk about the importance of our lower back and in a patient who probably already had a chronic lower back problem to begin with the the discs of the lumbar spine are severely affected by many different types of injuries and exercises so I try to emphasize to my patients if you do have a chronic lower back problem probably running is not the best exercise that you would want to partake or any type of CrossFit where the lower back is really put under a lot of strain and stress maybe considering a little more of a lighter exercise program that you still will receive the wonderful benefits of but not put yourself at high risk for a more serious injury that could require surgery make it makes sense and doctor you’re talking about low back pain or back pain in your patients what do you also tell them about the importance of keeping their core strong through core training and how is that possibly helping them relieve some of their symptoms specifically with back pain yeah core training and core preparationess is the baseline of being able to do a lot of different activities so when we talk about the core we’re talking about everything from the abdominal muscles through the side as well as the back and is if you can think about how many activities we do every day that require the core to be not just strong but at least feeling good not in a lot of pain with any kind of rotational movement bending lifting reaching so if I could say one thing to our viewers it’s keep your core strong and you can do that by very simple exercises swimming yoga things that are much less intense and these will help your core to stay strong and prevent injury allowing you to enjoy those exercises for a much longer time

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