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Anatomy of the Pinched Nerves |

Nerves are running inside the spinal canal and when they get compressed, people have symptoms of sciatic or the pinched nerve. Most of the people experience pain from their waist down, explains Dr. Jose Mena, Interventional Spine Specialist with Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute.
Disc degeneration and arthritis can cause the pinched nerve. Depending on the type of activity, the pain can be worse.


When you hear someone say you know I have a pinched nerve can you show us where under the 3d image and and where is it happening okay so the nerve can is basically a nerve are these structures that we have here we don’t have here in the nerve are running inside here and the canal called spinal canal and eventually they exit out at each segment so the nerve can get compressed over here in the foramen or the hole what the nerve escapes it can occur because there’s a discrimination compressing the nerve or it can occur in a canal that we’re not seeing it that it’s inside here that a nerve can get compressed and that can lead into having the symptoms of the sciatic or the pinched nerve that and the like pain the nomina the tingling type of thing that’s what I was going to ask you so with that pinched nerve are you starting to get that lower back pain or the side pain hip pain or all of the above most of the time people are going to experience when they have a pinched nerve pain from the waist down okay normally when you have the back component is because there’s a disc that is being contained so the disc is still there’s pressure within that disc that is causing you the back pain and then the leg pain but for the most part people that they have pinched nerve symptoms normally it’s waist down what they what they’re gonna experience and it depends what’s causing the finish nerve some things might be a disc herniation we know that the natural probe disease process is that a patient with discrimination is more afraid or outcome that this most of time is gonna get reabsorbed but people that they have arthritis or arthritis is more of a fixable as a fixed lesion so most likely that nerve is gonna get pinched it’s gonna stay pinched but something can cause pain or sometimes cannot cost me I can the pain worsen if you increase your activity it can it can it can definitely increase with activity mainly with people that they have do have arthritic pinched nerve due to arthritis normally when they’re walking standing up normally they’re the the spine gets a little more compressed it is already since the space is already narrow that can even further compress the nerve and they will have experience symptoms in those type of activities and normally when they lie down they might feel better you.

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