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Misconceptions of Plant-Based Diets |

There are some misconceptions with plant-based diets, but some things can be true. Susan Nowrouzi, Registered Dietitian with Baptist Hospital of Miami, explains why a lot of fat, even if it is healthy fat, is still not healthy.


The misconception with plant-based diets that they can’t be unhealthy but sometimes this happens and and people kind of modify it and it’s not as healthy correct absolutely so if you’re frying your your plant-based food it’s not gonna be healthy pretty good too so a lot of fat even though this healthy fat right still is not healthy right so like I was at the restaurant recently which is I won’t mention a plant-based and I must say there was a lot of fat in the in the food I felt it that was hardly I ordered the salad there was only couple of letters in there the rest was everything sauce a lot of sauce fried so I didn’t consider that healthy so don’t fool yourself thinking is plant-based right I’m thinking you’re eating healthy if it doesn’t have fresh plant-based food like vegetables and it’s not gonna be healthy right so I want to talk more about this because some people eating healthy can seem like a chore or I cannae on my favorite foods but that doesn’t mean you’re gonna have to suffer it you can actually find better foods absolutely always include some of your favorite food otherwise you’re not gonna be successful and focus on fiber fiber is the key because fiber fills you up so that way your don’t crave you know the unhealthiest stuff and focus on lean protein and focus on vegetables and and and hope you know or beings right and healthy fats so that’s what you want to do that’s what I want to focus on you

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