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Body Image Issues in Young Athletes |

Shape and size play a role in our society, since some people can make them a goal in their lives if they look according to certain rules. Dr. Luis Rodriguez, Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician with Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute, explains that for different sports it’s important to have different body shapes and sizes.


Why are some athletes concerned about their body size and shape is it more of something with a body image or is it more specific to the sport they might be playing well well you you you have the points right there it’s both a lot of this is society right and this society stereotypes you know when we see the billboards and we see that the what what’s considered to be a perfect body shape and size which of course you know plays a role and to some people it may be it may become a goal in life to essentially have their body look like that right correct and to a certain extent that can be a healthy mindset but it you know as anything else in life it can be is something that we overdo on the other thing you know certain sports do emphasize body weight and body type correct you know when you see the finishing line at the Miami marathon and you see the the elite runners you you see them all have a very specific body shape and motive weight you know if you compare their body weights they’re within a range that allows them to participate at that level right and to actually be at the forefront of that of that pack of runners so so yes for different sports we’re going to have different body shapes different sizes and we do see that in sports that emphasize that or that play closer or they pay closer attention to – to your weight then we can see this disorder develop more frequently so then what’s considered disordered eating is it cutting the calories or avoiding foods well it can be both okay in you know skipping meals can be an important factor sometimes you will see that the athlete may you skip breakfast being concerned about the amount of calories are consuming during the day so they may use as an opportunity to to essentially control the amount of calories at the edge or in the day but you may also see at least intentionally use restrict calories because they do not want to they’re concerned about gaining weight and they’re concerned about how gaining weight may affect their performance in sports so it ranges from skipping meals but also disordered eating maybe in the meals at the same time everyday but also intentionally cutting or limiting yourself there’s no consistency for them correct you

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