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Changing Habits to Avoid Obesity |

Changing Habits to Avoid Obesity, Health Channel

Changing eating habits is the most important thing to avoid obesity, affirms Dr. Jorge Rabaza, Chief of Surgery with South Miami Hospital.

He also says diet is 90% important for an efficient weight loss and a healthy life plan. The other 10% is represented by exercise.


Changing Habits to Avoid Obesity, Health Channel

People watching right now what can they do well if there’s one thing I mean what habit needs to change you know almost immediately? I think the eating habits I mean exercise is important you know and but but the diet is more important I think than exercise and exercise I’m not saying it’s not important but diet is extremely important it’s been proven that you can exercise all you want you can exercise from day to night and you’re not gonna lose effectively lose weight just doing that it’s got to be diet that’s the main the main way to lose. I have this debate all the time is it 90 percent diet 10 percent exercise exercise it’s so important and then let’s just talk about physical limitations it’s your health obviously but physically you’re limited. You’re limited to a lot of things for example one of the things that we see with some of our patients if they booked a flight somewhere a lot of them have to book two two seats on that flight because if they get through that day and they didn’t they’re not gonna fly out they’re not gonna let him a lot of the airlines are doing that right now. Let’s touch on the economic side of this I mean I know you gave us a number off the top when you said it was one 147 billion dollars that at this cost is that the government that it cost the government? That’s what’s causing it into the health care in the United States today so economically obesity has a lot of there’s a lot of work missed work days people being absent from work so it’s an important also getting a job is important absolutely a lot of people who may be equally qualified to get a job on on paper if we’re the ones who piece and one’s not obese someone that’s not obese is more likely to the job.

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