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Common Substance Use Disorders, Health Channel

According to Dr. John Eustace, Medical Director of Care & Counseling at Baptist Health South Florida, people are now into the opiate era.

Substances such as hallucinogens or cannabis have been around forever and they´re going to be around forever, since history began, he says. Alcohol and tobacco, too.

The specialist affirms the important thing is knowing how the substance (alcohol, nicotine, marijuana) reacts.


Common Substance Use Disorders, Health Channel

We want to take a look at the different kinds of disorders that we’re talking about so I think we have a kind of a graphic to help us explain that the common substance use disorders is this kind of the order of most common to least common or how would you explain this well I think alcohol is still number one why just accessibility accessibility it’s legal it’s advertised and it’s a social beverage its cultural there are cultural aspects nicotine tobacco is still way up there and then the the the other ones fall in line sometimes dependent upon timing back in the 70s you know remember they don’t remember but speed kills it was M feta mean and shooting amphetamine well that was the PSA was that the PSA the public service announcement on television or was that just oh yeah billboards haight-ashbury kids peace running away the Vietnam Revolution all of that was a certain era and and now we’re into the opiate era so these cycles go around and right just like from Noah and then there were then there was poppy seeds and opium fields yeah and cocaine in Colombia the cartel and and it just shifts so we think this these substances have been around forever and they’re going to be around forever they we do not believe they’re gonna go away they’ve been with us since history began at the beginning of time as Martin says it’s how that substance reacts with the human brain what we haven’t quite understood that now in medicine we accept the allergy to penicillin right give penicillin to a hundred people 15 will start to itch see and we don’t say well that’s your morality that’s your you never bad person because it’s in the skin right it’s a reaction to tissue mast cells but what about nicotine alcohol marijuana in the brain now there’s a complete diversity you

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