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Communication: The Key of Good Parenting |

Psychotherapist Teresita Calero and Psychiatrist Rachel Rohaidy share their thoughts on the series “13 Reasons why” and how parents can be aware of what their children watch.

Calero explains how to deal with what our children watch on TV or in online publications. As parents, she says, “we have to know what’s out there, sit with our children, and be able to have a conversation with them.”

“If the parent is having that conversation with the child or the teen, they’re not getting the information somewhere else. They’re actually getting the information from a good source,” says the psychotherapist. “Parents definitely need to be much more involved with their child’s life, what they’re watching, what they’re seeing, what they’re reading. Conversations need to be had in the home,” Rohaidy adds. “Dinnertime needs to be a priority,” she says.

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