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Are generic birth control pills as effective as brand ones? Dr. Paola Bordoni, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, explains the generic pill has the same components as the trademark birth-control pill, and talks about the differences existing in the side effects of both of them.


You’re given a birth control but there’s usually a generic that comes with that birth control suit I notice a lot of doctors give the generic as well now is that gonna be Asif as effective as a name-brand yes when the the generic birth control pill is basically the same components as the trademark birth control pill in the same dosage so yes it is just as effective there are some patients that will come to you and say I have differing side effects on the generic versus not okay technically that shouldn’t happen but you will have some patients say that to you now the interesting thing is is in some states the pharmacies can actually get your your prescription and they can change it to a generic so sometimes we’ll tell the patients look if you really really only want this pill you don’t want the generic you have to tell the pharmacist please don’t change it please don’t substitute but substitutions are permitted and it’s because it should be working just as well you

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