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Coolsculpting as Alternative of Surgery |

Not everybody is a candidate for Coolsculpting, affirms Tanya Patron,
Physician Assistant with Miami Plastic Surgery. Patients who have too
much body fat or patients who don’t have enough body fat can’t be

Coolsculpting is an alternative for patients who can’t undergo surgery
for any medical condition, she says.


It takes time. — it does take time — but is everyone a candidate. > No. That’s an amazing question. N ot everyone is a candidate for CoolSculpting unfortunately. If I have a patient that it has too much body fat or maybe they don’t have enough body fat then I can’t treat them, so I go back to my daughter’s two and a half years old she has a little game at home where you put the circle in the circle and the square and the square it’s gotta fit it’s got to fit properly. > But you said don’t have enough body fat you actually have people who come in who don’t have enough to need this.. > If they have a small area… Remember it has to fit entirely in this cup if I’m not making direct contact with that cooling plate then they’re not getting an effective treatment. > All right now. We have some before and after pictures into the first is a woman who had the procedure. So I want you to look at this and tell us how long the procedure took and how many visits here I would guess we’re looking at before left and after right. > Right so the left photo is her before photo. What I did is treat her entire abdomen from top to bottom, this was actually with one CoolSculpting session that we were able to achieve that. So even though she has a little bit of fat remaining on the after photo were basically at a point where she’s complete with treatments. S o I would not treat her again with CoolSculpting. > Those who ladies, now let’s also be fair yes men are having this procedure. Matter of fact isn’t and I and I read somewhere that actually the number of men having this done is increasing at a much much faster rate. > We do about 25% male patients and our CoolSculpting practice. — And you… you have before on the left after on the right — Yeah. So we treated his entire lower abdomen as well as his waist, so we were able to reduce him all around he went down about to pant sizes. > Does age matter at all? > Age doesn’t matter you know my oldest CoolSculpting patient is 87… So anybody is — god bless him or her good for them — She did great. She wasn’t a great candidate for surgery so they sent her my way and I was able to treat her. This is also an amazing alternative for patients who cannot undergo surgery for example if they have certain medical conditions or they’re taking certain medications then CoolSculpting is an excellent alternative for them.

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