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How Does Coolsculpting Work? |

How Does Coolsculpting Work?, Health Channel

Coolsculpting machine is a little refrigerator with a computer on top,
describes Tanya Patron, Physician Assistant with Miami Plastic

She explains Coolsculpting is used to make a contour around the
different parts of the body that the physician is going to treat.

The P.A. also explains how other machine accessories work.


How Does Coolsculpting Work?, Health Channel

One of the answers is CoolSculpting which before you came in the day I’d heard of but had not actually seen it. If you would please go ahead and give us and explanation on what we have here. > That’s exactly why I brought in a demonstration because the concept people are talking about it more now and I think people are aware of the procedure and that it exists but they’re not quite sure how it works. So I brought in a little miniature model here. This is what a CoolSculpting machine looks like in my room, basically to kind of break it down this is a refrigerator with a little computer on top. Okay and that’s how it works they have a little extension that we plug into the machine and this is one of the applicators that we use. So this is actually an applicator with an attachment piece that we use to treat — and this is not a light piece here — it’s pretty heavy-duty. it’s pretty heavy-duty. — — if you look inside here there’s actually a cooling plate that’s the metal piece that you see inside. There’s little sensors on each side as well that’s detecting your temperature and these pieces that I use are actually clip in pieces to help to make a contour around the different parts of the body that I’m going to treat, so when the fat comes in contact with this cooling plate here it actually starts to drop in temperature the fat cells crystallized and your body then destroys them and it recognizes that those fat cells are no longer functional or viable and so it eliminates them from the body just like it would anything else much similar to a bruise. > Okay are these and and these are… I guess templates perhaps… > We actually can clip them in so I can actually take this one out go ahead so I would switch this out and I would put this one in and it depends on the different body part that I’m trying to treat. So this is the one that I would use for somebody’s inner thighs I would use it for their arms, so a flat surface. This is the piece that I would use to treat somebody’s waist so it would sculpt and sort of curve around the what we call the flank area or the waste you know tire tubes there’s all kinds of fun names for these fatty body parts, I tell you… and then we also have this particular piece here which is a smaller piece and it actually fits really well on the abdomen. So there’s different ways that you can do CoolSculpting, and we actually do use the little pad here this is a very sticky pad this is what gets applied to the patient’s skin prior to treatments. So I apply this to the patient and then I attach my applicator right on top of that and that’s how we coolsculpt.

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