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Daily Habits to Avoid Back Pain |

There are some tips for preventing back pain: correct lifting techniques, correct posture while sitting, standing & sleeping, regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and reducing stress.

Dr. Georgiy Brosuvanik, Spine Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida, talks about what is the most important thing to do in order to avoid back pain.


Let’s look at some ways to prevent back pain we have some tips right here so let’s start out with correct lifting techniques. So is this what always your your your PE coach they lift with your legs not with your back. > Oh yeah that’s huge. — okay — I think that’s a great point. So if you lean forwards to lift something even if it’s from a seated position you put more pressure on discs and increase the risk of a herniation. > What about kids and they’re always picking up their friends running around is it can it start at that young of an age you can kind of hurt yourself if you don’t do it right. > I don’t think so, I don’t have good evidence to go by. — okay — but kids are generally unbreakable. > Don’t tell them that. Correct posture while sitting standing or sleeping. So what’s correct posture? > Well that’s a hard one because the human spine is meant to sit in a flexed forward kyphotic posture you should be able to slouch, so I would say that what’s comfortable but without a doubt sitting for a prolonged period of time is not really great. So those that have to sit for an eight-hour workday there’s a good recommendation to try and get up relatively frequently and sort of stretch and extend and flex just so you know to create normal return of blood flow. > And so what’s correct sleeping I saw sleep on there. > Oh great question. So actually no matter how hard you try no matter how many things you bring into your bed to control your position you have no way of knowing how you sleep but most people sleep in a fetal position, whether they want to or not. Now fetal position involves curling your arms in and sort of flex in the back and most people sleep like that whether they think that they sleep on their back or their front they change their positions throughout the night. — okay — And okay well let’s get back to here exercise regularly. that’s a.. > Oh sure at least one thing every day. > Maintain a healthy weight. > Well– I here sometimes okay you have a back problem “oh look you’re a thirty pounds overweight it’s connected” — sure — it’s that true? Walk it off — I’m not a believer in that in that one. — no? — I’m not because most patients have been overweight most of their lives. — So their body adjusted to it by then. — Right! So how does that explain a sudden change in how they feel to me that doesn’t make sense. > Okay and reduce stress. > oh sure

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