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Dealing with Isolation | Healthy Habits | KidVision Pre-K |

Your child may be asking tough questions regarding COVID-19, Miss Penny is here to help! Miss Penny will answer a variety of questions from young children related to handwashing, social distancing, and overall healthy habits.


Welcome to kid vision healthy habits questions and answers i’m spending my name savannah how can I play with my friends if I don’t get to see them hi savannah it’s good to talk about how you feel it’s hard to be separated from friends and family for a long time to feel less alone talk to your mom about creating a virtual play group with your friends you can have a puzzle of the week or a book club where mommies take turns reading a book and creating activities take a dance or a yoga class online with friends paint friendship rocks and leave them on your friend’s doorsteps find a pen pal maybe a family member you don’t see write letters to them draw pictures and mail it to them then wait for their return letter give your family lots of hugs they need them too you.

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