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According to American Dental Association, dental check should be twice a year, affirms Dr. Arnaldo Lopez, General Dentist and Owner with SOMI Dental Group.

He also says 80% of his practice is with patients with fear.

Providing a family environment is the way the specialist found for the patient’s comfort and lower the fear, he affirms.


How many times should someone get a checkup so according to American Dental Association it should be twice a year every six months and the cleaning – and the cleaning – but it also depends on the patient so some patients need cleanings every three months some need every two it I try to cater to the patient individually and not just try to stick to the regular rules that the American Dental Association yes so knowing that why is it that so many people avoid going or they’re petrified I mean again I’ve never had a cavity so I don’t know the drilling sound does bother me when I go to the dentist for my cleaning and I hear it I literally take little cotton balls and I put them in my ear because I can’t hear that next door I told my doctor I can’t I can’t I can’t hear that and I understand definite so there are a lot of people that just fear the dentist all the time I would say about 80% of my practice is patients with fear so well so we I always say that I have kind of like a magnet for patients with fear one of my worst patients is my mother she had a really terrible experiences when she was young so we try to cater to those patients so one of the things that we do is we try to provide a really family like experience when they’re there so my office looks like if you were just sitting at your house we are really friendly so the staff you’ll see really tries to cater to you know your name we really get involved with you so that you just come a little bit more relaxed so I guess starting from the front desk all the way to the back we try to cater to that we have nitrous oxide kind of like the laughing gas I thought I would need that yeah so we have the nitrous oxide and just really speaking to the patients I think if you’re really real to them and you explain to them exactly what’s going on that helps a lot you

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