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Patients should choose the toothpaste according to their needs and if it’s approved by the American Dental Association, explains Diana Perez-Caballero, Lead Dental Hygienist with SOMI Dental Group.
Dr. Arnaldo Lopez, CEO & General Dentist with SOMI Dental Group, talks about a whitening toothpaste and explains it keeps the color of the teeth. But if someone wants the teeth whitening, he advises seeing a dentist.
She affirms there are strong toothpastes, but they should be prescribed by a professional.


Which are the good toothbrushes because a lot of people have sensitive gums and sensitive teeth so what do you suggest well as a general rule toothpastes are out there in the market from very like different reasons you should choose whatever you know goes with whatever your symptoms are or whatever your like for example in the case of sensitivity a lot of people suffer from that so potassium nitrate like they were saying in the video helps block those dentinal tubules so that you don’t feel sensitive and over time I’ll be using that toothpaste he helps also clog them and so that you are less sensitive over a longer period of time but basically you know choose an over-the-counter toothpaste that has the ad a seal of approval right that ad ACO is really important what about like teeth whitening a lot of people are really going for that today I use them do they work doctor so they do it just depends on exactly how you use them so there’s a lot of over-the-counter whitening toothpastes they’re usually meant to keep the actual color of your teeth so if you want a whiter shade we always recommend coming to us just doing a little bit more professionally there’s a lot of over-the-counter stuff which we’ll talk about a little bit later but ideally we want to try to stick to coming to the dentist forget to getting your teeth whitening and is there such a thing called strong toothpaste there are strong – space okay they’re clinically you know that they’re they are recommended to you by a dental professional the over-the-counter toothpastes are good to keep you know your everyday hygiene but if you want something more strong or that’s gonna work as specifically on something that you’re feeling you should go to your dental professional and they will prescribe a clinical strength to space you

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