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Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescetarian, and more! Join Dr. Derek Papp and professional bodybuilder Torre Washington as they speak about the benefits of different eating habits.


Some people go vegan some are vegetarian and then there are pescetarians so many labels I understand the confusion but the point is what’s the difference professional bodybuilder tori washington sat down with dr derek papp and here’s what he had to say there are different labels that people have for diets some people say they’re vegan some people say they’re vegetarian or pescetarian my sister and brother-in-law are pescetarian what’s the difference between these and do you like using labels wow that’s a fully loaded question that I had more time to answer so when it comes to labels I don’t like labels you know I think sometimes they box you into a specific way where it doesn’t give you leeway or flexibility to do things that may not be part of that label but are part of your character you know because I don’t like to be restricted sure I think feel like they do restrict people and so oftentimes this the vegan label can be restrictive in that oh you got to be this way and that if you don’t if you’re not raw then you’re not truly vegan you’re not fully homeopathic or what have you and I don’t like those type of labels so another thing I don’t I don’t typically use in my when I speak is diet okay diet to me is that was going to be my second loaded question because I feel that two things about diet one one thing is you get on a diet you can get off a diet the second part is I’m not ready to die yet I’m here okay live that’s why we’re here we’re to live and thrive I like that I look at it I like that so would you say what we eat should be considered more of a person’s lifestyle or is it like what we eat well yes because your lifestyle is your lifestyle it’s your journey so you know we all should look at a way to make it to our best best best self sure and whatever that journey may be some people don’t like to consume sweet foods or things like donuts what have you and that’s just them but they shouldn’t demonize someone that does that you know even someone who eats tofu and someone that doesn’t like tofu yeah you know so we get that a lot where people feel that if you don’t if you’re not doing it my way then you’re not doing it the right way so kind of on that note when it comes to eating plant-based foods do you see any personal benefits for your health um or for your bodybuilding yes you know because I’m 102 years old so you know I don’t like it now you think you look great but yes when as as a plant-based you know eating plant-based life my plant-based lifestyle has definitely helped me out a lot yeah in the sense that my energy levels are always doing well I recover better I’ve I can say I’ve gone through competing and training and without having much injury and the injury that came was not because of exercise it was just you know a misstep or something of that nature but my body has always responded very quickly to healing my immune system has been very powerful and I accredit that to my eating lifestyle okay no I think that’s great you know so on top of all these health benefits like losing weight and heart health some plant-based foods have phytochemicals which help ward off certain diseases and possibly even cancer take a look at this package [Music] I just want to remind our viewers if you have any questions for either tory or myself please call and use the toll-free number than just health 855-796-4475 it also kind of helps the environment the community right can you explain to us why this is so if you look at it you know there’s a lot of information out there talks about how living a plant-based lifestyle helps the planet with consumption of water you know less gases are released to the environment to the environment when it comes to animal agriculture right animal agriculture is one of the biggest component proponents of causing all this mass destruction that we have and why that why is that just to explain to our viewers well one of one thing is you know using up so much land and second you know with their cree they’re utilizing gmo soy in order to feed these animals now when you feed these animals you’re just mass producing it’s like mass production of cars so all this mass production and waste presents a lot of gas and destruction right gas and destruction because they are animals exactly so yeah methane gas exactly now how you know so what would you say that there are a lot of misconceptions about living a plant-based lifestyle yes could you tell us some of those you know when I first started one of the main ones was where to get your protein right and I always wanted to respond in more of a sarcastic way like do I look like I’m missing protein yeah you know but I had to hold back and say you know well protein isn’t everything 99.9 of fruits and vegetables contain protein and what the misconception is that you need so much protein in order to be an average individual and that’s not the case you know so to realize even a full-size watermelon contains about 20 to 28 to 30 grams of protein see I didn’t know that yeah most people don’t know that because they think fruit doesn’t contain any bit of protein and the protein in fruit and vegetables may not be as huge such a massive amount as a piece of steak or something but it does have it and you don’t have to consume as much so I always tell people to look at sometimes even the ingredient label on your package of food what have you okay when you see the protein amount based on a 2000 calorie diet yeah the percentage is usually very high even when the protein amount is not it’s not that much well we actually have a graphic looking at a couple different foods that are sources of protein that are plant-based um do you mind taking us through these so you know lentils edamame tempeh black beans than almonds all of them yeah I love them all one of the ones that I typically do the most is tempeh okay because it’s it’s a fermented protein but it’s also a good source of protein for those looking for just a good amount of protein without the over consumption of the carbohydrates because sometimes as a physique as a physique bodybuilder fitness enthusiast we’re looking for protein versus carbs when it comes to getting our body into a lower fat look by the time we get ready to compete sometimes with the carbohydrate as it brings in water with it yeah you want to have as much as least amount of subcutaneous water between between the muscle and the skin to be great tory’s story and how he competes in bodybuilding is so fascinating so if you’d like to hear more from him and you want to watch his full episode it’s on the health channel app

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