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How effective is birth control? Dr. Paola Bordoni, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, talks about the most common options, such as the pill, female sterilization, male condom, and long-acting reversible contraception, among others.


According to the Centers for Disease Control the more common option is birth control pills and a CDC breaks down the numbers so wire pills the most popular form of birth control so definitely birth control pill is one of the most readily available the birth control pill you can get a prescription go to a pharmacy you can fill the prescription for one month for three months and you can have that given to you for a whole year it’s something that is great because you can control the taking it you can start it and if you decide you don’t want anymore you can just stop taking it if you decide I’m gonna be I’m gonna have a boyfriend who’s out of town for instance or my husband travels and I don’t see him often and for two months out of the year maybe I don’t need birth control okay you could stop it yourself it’s not like the IUDs or the implants where you do need to go see a healthcare professional right to have it removed it’s not like the shot that is in your system for plonkers it’s a little more permanent yes options where ice pills you are in control okay the other good thing about the pill is that people that have children and they say you know what I maybe want to have another child in a year or I would like to start thinking about having children in a year this this month isn’t perfect they may be in three months it is that’s a birth control method you can give the patients say you know what that’s fine take as long as you like as soon as you’re ready you stop taking the pill and you can start pregnancy so it’s it’s commodity of life the the other good thing about the pill is that the side effects of the pill or user dependence so the interesting thing is that there’s hundreds of birth control pills on the market right so if I give you a birth control pill that you don’t tolerate well you can always come back and say you know what I didn’t like this can you give me more options sure let’s try another one and let’s try it on so you can try a pill until you find a formulation that’s right for the individual

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