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Pregnancy: Due Date, Health Channel

How is the due date determined? Dr. Eduardo Valdes, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida, explains the due date is usually determined by the first day of the patient’s last period, and how are the other different calculations.


Pregnancy: Due Date, Health Channel

How do you determine the due date I feel like you walk into the doctor’s like 4:17 that’s when you’re due and she’s like wait how do you know that do this usually determined by the first day of the patient’s last period right so we always ask you know when was the first day of your last period there’s different calculations people like to use certain calculators on their phones or we can use you know the old method of you know subtract three months at seven days and that’s usually the due date of the patient subtract three months add seven days seven days depending on where it is you can change the year also okay so we often hear about the nausea and the fatigue associated with pregnancy these aren’t fun so what other symptoms might the mother feel during that first trimester what do you explain to that so I was gonna feel different there I feel a little bloated soreness tenderness the fatigue there you’re gonna have breast tenderness you’re gonna have the nausea obviously the vomiting depending on the hormones you know so those you know the loss of appetite there won’t be some patients won’t be too hungry and so it just depends on on how that particular pregnancy is developing it for that patient and how she’s feeling so what causes these symptoms I think you and I were talking before my two pregnancies were so different with the first one I was very nauseous peanut butter and jelly and ginger dressing only helped the second pregnancy it was nausea and vomiting and the only thing that helped was fast food restaurants because I needed to eat that nausea I was dying so basically the hormonal changes that occurred throughout the pregnancy you have HCG human crooner group and Ropin hormone estrogen the progesterone in the body it all changes and so those depending on the levels throughout the pregnancy those will give you some nausea and vomiting and so those are the changes that occurred throughout the early part of the pregnancy you.

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