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Exercises and Pregnancy, Health Channel

Dr. Alberto Sirven, Medical Director of the West Kendall OB/GYN Program and Women and Infant Credentials Committee Chairman with West Kendall Baptist Hospital, says he encourages patients to exercise. He recommends walking and swimming to increase your heart rate and help the cardiovascular system.

Janette Janero, patient, explains with her first pregnancy she kept on with light resistance training, and when she was about six weeks, she had nausea and took her workouts outside the gym.


Exercises and Pregnancy, Health Channel

So tell us about how you when you got the news did you just go on with the exercise and what did you a corporate oh the first pregnancy when I got the news my husband and I we had been wanting to get pregnant for a while and there you are yes and I thought to myself oh my goodness I was a little bit scared but I kept on with light no I didn’t feel comfortable running I kept on with light resistance training okay and when I hit about six weeks that’s when the nausea he started and just the thought of standing up and walking around you know in the gym it was too much so I took my workouts if you will outside so I would do brisk walks so you modified yeah you were feeling okay I know you know a lot about exercise because I read here that you have a master’s in exercise science first of all what got you interested in all the health and and the getting the masters so I started teaching group exercise as a way to you know make money doing something I enjoyed but that led to the opportunity to become a personal trainer and it opened up my eyes to a career where I felt 100% at home I am able to you know meet people from all walks of life and also help them on their journey to become their healthiest version of themselves inside and out so then I decided to pursue a master’s degree to just elevate the level of service I can offer my clients and I love in those pictures doctor did you see her with the weights and staying in shape what’s the conversation you have with with moms-to-be about that exercise while you’re pregnant well I I definitely encourage the patients to exercise I mean one thing great about her is that she was exercising prior to pregnancy and is so important for patients to maintain that but even those patients who do never exercise prior to pregnancy I encourage them to especially do if you never exercise before you do walking another thing that I encourage significantly and so far it’s swimming because women need to do through the whole pregnancy and we have so many pools and abilities and I tell them it’s not a matter of just laying the pool just do exercise time yourself swimming a couple laps do something that makes the difference so you increase your heart rate help your cardiovascular system significant so overall I mean was great the fact that she was exercising prior to it and she kept her up there’s other patients once they get pregnant they feel that they no longer should exercise I think that’s just so long you.

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