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Meet the Experts

Meet the Experts

In partnership with Baptist Health South Florida, the Health Channel, features medical specialists who discuss important health issues and answer live audience questions. Meet some of our contributors:

Sandra Amador, ARNP

Sandra Amador, ARNP, Medical Surgical Nurse with Baptist Hospital of Miami, explains nosocomial infections are the infections acquired in the hospital setting. She says for the nursing staff, and for the healthcare team, it is very important to have a designated person to take decisions if the patient is not able to do it if […]

Dr. Agustin Arrieta

Dr. Agustin Arrieta, Otolaryngologist with Baptist Health South Florida, explains there are certain medications that can lead to some rebound congestion in your nose, but the majority of the time medicines are not the causes. He also explains with chronic inflammation, tissue inflammation balloons out and forms nasal polyp that can obstruct the drainage pathway […]

Dr. L. Raúl Arroyo

Dr. L. Raúl Arroyo, Breast Surgeon with Bethesda Hospital, Baptist Health, says having the breast reconstruction done immediately at the time of the mastectomy has some benefits. For example, going in for a mastectomy, but waking up and still having fullness in the breast is very important for patients psychologically. He points out there are […]

Dr. Horacio Asbun

What does stage IV mean? Dr. Horacio Asbun, Surgical Oncologist with Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute, explains with an image how a stage IV pancreatic cancer looks like. Family history, diet, obesity, and smoking are risk factors of pancreatic cancer. Dr. Horacio Asbun, Surgical Oncologist with Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute, discusses these and other […]

Dr. Stacey Baker

Infectious Disease Physician with Baptist Health South Florida

Dr. Anaisys Ballesteros

Family Medicine Physician with Baptist Health Primary Care

Dr. Howard Bar-Eli

Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon with Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute

Dr. Julio Barcena

Cardiologist with Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute

Dr. Anthony Bared

Facial Plastic Surgeon with Baptist Health South Florida

Yeisel Barquin

Internal Medicine Physician with Baptist Health Primary Care

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