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Meet the Experts

Meet the Experts

In partnership with Baptist Health South Florida, the Health Channel, features medical specialists who discuss important health issues and answer live audience questions. Meet some of our contributors:

Dr. Alberto Sirven

Medical Director of the West Kendall OB/GYN Program and Women and Infant Credentials Committee Chairman with West Kendall Baptist Hospital

Stacie Rubin Smith

Manager & Speech Language Pathologist, Center for Women & Infants, South Miami Hospital

Victoria Sobrino-Sanchez

Vice President of Behavioral Services for Therapies4Kids

Victoria Socarras

Aesthetician at Careaga Plastic Surgery

Carol del Sol

Manager of Care Coordination with West Kendall Baptist Hospital

Dr. Juan Sola

Chief of Pediatric Surgery at Baptist Children’s Hospital

Diana Solares

Physical Therapist with West Kendall Baptist Hospital

Alicia Soler-Cancio

Chemotherapy is a treatment modality given to treat cancer cells, explains Alicia Soler-Cancio, Advanced Practice Provider for the Survivorship Program with Miami Cancer Institute. She also says this treatment is usually done via a port or some kind of a catheter that is put into the patient, and then, it is infused with a medication […]

Dr. Andres Soto

Internal Medicine Physician with Baptist Health South Florida

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