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Farmers Markets, the Best Option |

Farmers Markets, the Best Option, Health Channel

Lucette Talamas, Registered Dietitian at Baptist Health South Florida, says farmers markets are the best option to buy food, especially fresh fruits and vegetables that are unprocessed, and also farmers markets bring the community together.

She also recommends taking a list with what you need, because it helps you to stick to your plan and you can make your grocery trips a lot more time efficient as well.


Farmers Markets, the Best Option, Health Channel

It’s a good point to make to that a lot of these products are healthier for you to begin with a lot of them are raw products and you’re not only helping the local economy but you’re helping yourself by in some ways correct me if I’m wrong better food right you’re buying fresh fruits and vegetable that’s unprocessed how much better can it get than that so yes farmers markets the only disclaimer caution is that farmers markets do bring together other local businesses that may have some baked goods and desserts that you know it again we’re there for the majority but you want to bring into your home is that produce so while you do enjoy the farmer’s market and the community coming together at these markets don’t leave without some fresh fruits and vegetables exactly and in the little cheesecake wouldn’t hurt there’s one more when it comes down to the do’s and don’ts list then we want to get to and this one is a list take a list why I’m just going shopping what’s the big deal about the list well I remember point number one if you go hungry you’re going to forget why you’re there so definitely take a list because nowadays you can do a written list we have our phone so you can keep a little note tab and just have a little running list that way you walk in and you walk out with what you need and you stick to your plan and you can make your grocery trips a lot more time efficient as well okay so here’s an example of a grocery list this is perfectly well done which means it would never be in my pocket where I wind up going to the stores whatsoever but you’re breaking everything down here why is that and then what’s the advantage of this all right so the this grocery list that you see is set up just like the MyPlate that we talked about so make sure that you are not leaving the grocery store without your fruits your vegetables your whole grains your proteins and your sources of calcium or dairy as well as you know there’s an other section there’s other things we may be picking up but how can I be preaching about this way of healthy eating and then people go home and they don’t have the materials they need you know to build this healthy plate so it starts in the grocery store and if we want to be eating according to the MyPlate the the plate the my plate of healthy eating that we brought up it’s the grocery list should be built according to the plate right

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