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Foods to Avoid When Pregnant |

There’s a list of foods that are actually harmful for pregnancy. It’s important to avoid anything that’s raw, deli meats and high mercury fish, says Dr. Ellen Schwartzbard, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Baptist Health South Florida.

Swordfish, tilefish or mackerel are the main fish the pregnant woman has to avoid, she affirms.

However, the doctor explains other types of fish, like tilapia or salmon, are very healthy.


Let’s talk for a moment about what women in your opinion must avoid when they’re pregnant first moment you find out what are you off of? Absolutely that’s a very important question it’s what comes up at that very first appointment when pregnant patients come in for that appointment they all want to know what they shouldn’t be eating there’s a list of foods that are actually harmful for the pregnancy and I go through this with all of my patients you want to avoid anything that’s raw so everything should be well cooked you don’t want to be eating any type of sushi and all your meats should be cooked all the way through anything that’s raw can be very harmful for the pregnancy deli meats deli meats can have bacteria called Listeria and if you heat them it will kill the bacteria and then it would be safe to eat and then we also have fish so there are a list of fish that is high in mercury and you need to avoid this high mercury fish but at the same time fish is very healthy for women so you have to find that balance of making sure that you are still eating fish which is good for you but just avoiding those very high mercury fish But don’t they still have to do a little bit of the work on their own be on top of this? Right so the FDA is a great source to go to for pregnant patients to find out about fish but I just tell them off the bat to avoid swordfish tile fish mackerel completely pregnant women should not be eating any of these very high level mercury fish and then most other fish 8 to 12 ounces which is going to be 2 to 3 servings throughout the week is going to be a safe amount to eat for most other fish that’s gonna be your salmon your tilapia very common here in Miami shellfish all of those together about 8 to 12 ounces a week and we really want to encourage women to eat fish so again that balance of avoiding the high mercury but fish is very healthy for you it gets you that omega-3 fatty acids so you we want to make sure that they understand that fish is healthy too.

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