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Gluten, soy and corn affect the body by increasing sugar levels. Dr. Deborah Longwill, Dermatologist with Baptist Health South Florida, explains these foods put stress on the liver and can cause inflammation on the joints as well as skin. She also describes other problems that a lot of sugar can cause.


What are we eating that has a lot of sugar and what’s happening to our bodies when we consume it well I’m finding that a lot of patients are you eating a lot more dairy and they’re a lot eating a lot more things with gluten or they’re having things with soy or corn and those all affect the body by increasing sugar levels and then that puts a stress on the liver and then you have more inflammation on the joints as well on the skin and shows with redness broken capillaries pustules pimples clogged congesting pores things like that will affect you and I’m sure a lot of patients when you tell them this are not realizing it right and zooming it and so like not right so they think that they’re washing their face and continuing washing the face and doing their thing with their medicines but they’re actually affecting their face by eating a lot of sugar and a lot of dairy and only when it comes to the numbers of sugar consumption it’s really shocking listen to this how Americans have gone from consuming two pounds of sugar per year to over a hundred and fifty pounds per year now can you put that in perspective for me first of all that’s a huge increase it’s absolutely staggering so if you look at a two pound bag of sugar which we just had we had it we’re actually eating one and a half bags and week or 20 teaspoons of added sugar a day that’s a lot

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