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Hand washing Tips | Healthy Habits | KidVision Pre-K |

Your child may be asking tough questions regarding COVID-19, Miss Penny is here to help! Miss Penny will answer a variety of questions from young children related to handwashing, social distancing, and overall healthy habits.


Welcome to kidvision healthy habits questions and answers hey miss penny my name is Emma how many times do you have to want me hi Emma hand washing is the best way to keep yourself from getting sick when you touch things they might have germs and then when you touch your eyes nose or mouth they sneak into your body germs are invisible if you keep your hands clean you will wash away germs before they reach you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom before after eating after coming in from going out of the house make it fun sing songs when you wash make bubbles use different shaped or scented soaps when you wash your hands be proud you are helping yourself stay healthy.

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