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Hormones are an important factor during pregnancy, because they affect from the mood of the future mother to the way the body prepares for labor, affirms Doctor Alberto Sirven, Obstetrician-Gynecologist at West Kendall Baptist Hospital.

In the first trimester, the increase of estrogen, for example, is the cause of the appearance of dizziness and other symptoms. Then, the hormones prepare the body for breastfeeding and the organs in order to deliver.

“I think pregnant women are the most beautiful individuals in this world because of the fact of bringing a new life,” the doctor says.


Let’s talk about the preparation of all the hormones also the changes that are going on what’s happening to our body? Well first of all especially during the first trimester you increase estrogen is gonna cost you to have nausea you don’t feel as great a lot of the foods that you originally like you might dislike and some of you never like before you somehow have an appetite for it and those are famous for people to have it some type of bench eating or a particular food that otherwise you hated before the nausea and vomiting usually goes away at the second trimester and then I call it a honeymoon period of pregnancy because then you start showing a little bit you start gaining a little bit of weight you’ll hear the baby kick and that’s great and then the hormones again will change for you to give birth milk for you to change your in order for delivery there has to be hormonal changes so the whole pregnancy in general is a balance of hormone changes that allow you to develop up a new life into the world. That’s right there’s a lot of positives to where women also start noticing that their hair looks so good well not mine for that matter but I’m just giving the illusion here the nails are harder they’re glowing is that all the estrogen that’s going on when one is pregnant because it does happen you look in the mirror you’re like wow I look good. Well definitely I think that the increase estrogen does create that glow for pregnancy but there’s also the emotional status of it I think that you know the fact that you’re giving new life and that you’re gonna have created something gives you that sense of happiness that somehow shows everywhere and I think pregnant woman’s are the most beautiful individuals in this world because of the fact they’re bringing a new life and it’s at that time that you are able to generate something that that otherwise did not exist before.

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