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Tanya Patron, Physician Assistant with Miami Plastic Surgery, explains treatment depends on the severity of the neck. If patients have lines running across the neck (venous rings or necklace), they can use fillers for improving them.
The expert shows Nova threads. She describes it’s a needle which is inserted into a place, like the neck, and when the physician pulls the needle out, and those threads stay in place in the tissue. It’s stimulatory and it can cause collagen and skin tightening.
The collagen takes four to six weeks to become stimulated. The results can last for the next nine months to a year, she says.


talk to me about using fillers for the neck and then we’re gonna move on to the CoolSculpting because I think that’s also interesting mm-hmm okay sure no so basically if somebody’s coming in it depends on the severity of the neck now if they have lines running across the neck which we call those venous rings or necklace then we can use filler and in some cases if a patient simply has a little bit of minimal laxity if it’s something that’s too extreme I will refer them to dr. polo for surgical consultation but if it’s minimal then we can use things such as threads I brought some little packs here to kind of show you guys they come in different shapes and sizes so their hold them up here these are called Nova threads okay they’re actually PDO threads which stands for polydioxanone it’s basically a needle and it’s very hard to see here on camera but there’s a little small fiber or a thread wrapped around this particular needle so I insert it into a place like the neck when I pull my needle out that thread stays in place in the tissue and it’s bio stimulatory so that’s actually going to cause collagen and skin tightening so it’s gonna create more concentrate more collagen so it’s very similar to a filler except without the volume so just any of those do so many threads normally go into the neck usually for the neck I’ll do anywhere from 15 to 20 threads so each pack comes with five inside so I’ll do five five five and five it just depends on the severity incredible yeah do you have to come and replace those threads eventually or no they last a year so you’ll actually see some initial improvement or as soon as I’m finished with the treatment but it takes four to six weeks okay for that collagen to become stimulated or mature and then you’ll maintain those results for the next nine months to a year and then you can just repeat it you

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