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The Mental Benefits of Losing Weight |

The Mental Benefits of Losing Weight, Health Channel

Danielle Babadzhanov, as a patient, affirms she personally decided to choose a therapist some months before she turns into a bariatric surgery.

She explains she needs to understand what’s going to happen not only with her body, but also with her mental behavior.
She became a social worker because of the surgery and desire to help others through the process.


The Mental Benefits of Losing Weight, Health Channel

Well, tell me about the psychological aspect and then I know you have to see a therapist before the surgery and after right? It’s not required after I did choose to see someone months before and for about two years after. Okay and did they tell you how to prepare for this? Did you figure it out on your own? Was it a combination of the two? I think was a combination of both the therapist and I figuring it out I had a lot you didn’t really you don’t realize all the psychological aspects of the surgery and the person you were before so defense mechanisms how you spoke with people how you portrayed yourself so you’re going through a whirlwind of emotions after surgery and this person was able to help guide me through it and talk me through what I was feeling. Tell me what you do for a living. I became a social worker because of the surgery and wanting to help others through the process themselves. Okay, and so you are a social worker who works with people who are getting bariatric procedures. No, I don’t work directly with the patient’s right now I assist with the Barrie buddies program that we have set up at South Miami hospitals so it’s like a Big Brother Big Sister type where you’re joined up with a new patient and helping them through the process. So is this any patient or is it just bariatric patients? There’s gonna be bariatric patients. Barrie buddy.

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