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Carolyn Presby, Physician Assistant with Miami Plastic Surgery, says aesthetic pigmentation changes, and little vessels or texture can be treated with lasers.

She also recommends if you have significant pigment changes, you should be getting checked out by your dermatologist. “We have to make sure to avoid potential catastrophic diseases and cancers,” she points out.


So wrinkles scars and blemishes are common skin conditions that could be treated with lasers what options are there for people who have problems let’s say with their skin forget wrinkles because you know we’re all you know hello we’re all gonna get them we all have them already but people who have problems with their skin that’s a little bit more serious so it depends on what the problem is if we’re talking about aesthetic pigmentation changes little vessels texture those are things that we can absolutely take care of with lasers and resurfacing treatments to stimulate collagen and eliminate those brown spots and ring and vessels of course we live in South Florida so if you have significant pigment hairy changes you should be getting checked out by your dermatologist you should be getting skin checks we have to make sure that we’re avoiding any potential catastrophic diseases and cancers that being said assuming everything’s been checked out and you’re all clear to go lasers and non-invasive treatments are a great option I know you’re a huge advocate of laser resurfacing tell me why so basically everything we’re doing is creating a controlled injury at about twenty five is when your collagen stops reproducing at twenty five a cruel and unusual punishment I believe I thought it was like forty or right when you hit menopause which is unfortunately why we start to see signs of aging at about you know 25 to 30 that’s about the right age when you should be coming in and getting assessed for what you can be doing just to maintain the good stuff and preventing the bad stuff well I’m 25 years late so that being said because we’re just cook we are no longer reproducing our College and we need to stimulate our collagen and by creating a control to injury or stimulating or collagen creating tightening in the skin smoothing out the surface of the skin I’m putting off those signs of aging you

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