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Living Minute is a Health Channel production that features a series of daily one-minute reports featuring stories about new medical research and treatments, tips to improve mental and physical well-being, and stories of hope and resilience.

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Celebrating Thanksgiving Safely

How Mobile Stroke Units Prevent Long-Term Stroke Damage

Growing Back Damaged Muscles

The Flu Shot and Vaccine Exhaustion

Weight Loss Surgery Helps Battle Liver Disease

Is it Safe to Travel This Holiday Season

Your Diet May Increase Your Risk for Prostate Cancer

Stopping a Leaky Heart Without Major Surgery

Living Longer After a Kidney Transplant

How Genomic Testing Helps Battle Cancer

Robots Help Battle Lung Cancer

A High-Tech Way to Monitor Your Heart

CDC Recommends COVID Vaccines for Young Children

A New Way to Treat a Common Heart Condition

Why the Flu is so Dangerous For Kids

Vaccine Immunity vs. Natural Immunity

Parents’ Dilemma About Getting Young Children Vaccinated

What Parents Can Do to Protect Their Children from Bullying

The Agony of Thumb Pain

Testing a Breast Cancer Vaccine

Breast Cancer in Black Women

Preventing Long COVID in Kids

Gene Therapy for Parkinson’s

New Treatment for Stroke Recovery

New Procedure to Help Parkinson’s Patients

New Procedure to Help Parkinson’s Patients

Update on COVID Booster Shots

Update on COVID Booster Shots

New Rules on Taking Aspirin

New Rules on Taking Aspirin

Why Seniors Should Get Booster Shots

Hope for Long Haul COVID

Access to Care is Important for Breast Cancer Survival

Age-Related Eye Disease

Fast Treatment Can Affect Breast Cancer Survival

The Costs of Treating Late-Stage Breast Cancer

How Mammograms Work

Exercise and Prostate Cancer

Breast Cancer in African American Women

Preventing Blindness

A Teen’s Harrowing COVID-19 Story

Saving Women’s Lives During a Heart Attack

Nasal Sprays and COVID-19

Flu Shots Needed to Prevent “Twindemic”

Using Technology to Treat Back Pain

Salt Substitutes Can Reduce Stroke Risk

Vaccine Tests in Children Under 12

Vaccine Tests in Children Under 12

Getting COVID Vaccines to Underserved Communities

Mu and Other COVID Variants

Keeping Kids Safe from COVID in Schools

Treating a Frozen Shoulder

The Bionic Arm

Race and the Risk of Amputation

Obesity and Long-Term COVID

Children Eye Strain

Children & Eye Strain

COVID & Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

Why You Should Not Put Off Your Annual Physical

Sugar and Cancer

Flu & COVID Vaccines for Pregnant Women

Pfizer Vaccine Gets Full FDA Approval

The Delta Variant & Young Children

Why the Delta Variant is so Dangerous

Breakthrough COVID Cases

COVID & Alzheimer’s

Vaccinating Children With HPV Vaccine

Food Safety During Power Outages

Should You Get a Booster COVID Shot Now?

Why Some Vaccinated People May Need Booster Shots

Hope for Psoriasis

Talking to the Unvaccinated

Which Booster Shot Should You Get

New Technology That Makes Brain Surgery Safer

Should you Give COVID Vaccine to Children under 12

Should You Give COVID Vaccines to Children Under 12?

Can the Vaccine Help Breast-Feeding Moms Protect Their Babies?

Vaccine Side Effects

Getting Back to See the Doctor

Slowing the Spread of the Delta Variant

FDA & Potential COVID Treatments

Fully Vaccinated People Can Spread COVID-19

A Breakthrough in Sickle Cell Disease

Making Back Surgery Safer

When An Intestine Transplant is the Best Answer

Children & COVID-19

Why the Delta Variant is so Dangerous

Advice About Attending Weddings & Other Gatherings

Drugs That Can Treat COVID and May Prevent the Next Pandemic

How to Eat Like an Olympic Athlete

Myocarditis: A COVID Vaccine Side Effect

Lessons From COVID: Help for the Sickest Patients

CDC Issues New Rules on Masking

Lifesaving Kidney Transplant

Will the Fully Vaccinated Need Booster Shots?

Getting Some Sun Can Help Certain Skin Conditions

Tracking Brain Surgery When Patients Are Wide Awake

Radioactive Seeds That Battle Brain Cancer

A New Way to Treat Emphysema

Heart Cells in Space

Game Changers in Asthma Treatment

A New Way to See Into The Heart

Finding Medications That Work Against COVID-19

Working to Cure the Coronavirus

Protection From the Delta Variant

Learning More About the New Alzheimer’s Drug

Correcting a Potentially Fatal Heart Rhythm

A New Non-Surgical Treatment for Prostate Cancer

A Big Change in Colon Cancer Screening

Battling Against Male Infertility

New Scoliosis Surgery