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Grisel Gigato, Lactation Nurse with the Center for Women and Infants at South Miami Hospital, says a lactation specialist teaches moms to breast-feed, and the benefits of the best nutrition they can offer the baby and the great bond they can have with their kids while breast feeding.

She explains lactation consults are ordered by the physician or the nurse. The Lactation specialist asks the mom if she had a chance to read up on breast-feeding or take breast-feeding classes and depending on what they answer, they know what they need to focus on.


You know we were talking a little bit before the show started about you know breastfeeding and that just brings back so many memories of when I did I did it 16 years ago but first let’s talk about you and you are a lactation specialist what exactly does that mean and how did you get into this field well I’m I’ve been a nurse for over 28 years and I am now a lactation specialist at South Miami hospital mother baby unit I’ve worked in Pediatrics but I’ve also worked in maternal infant care and working in maternal infant care I realized that I had a passion for teaching mothers how to take care of their babies and what better way to teach a mom to breastfeed which is the best nutrition they can offer their baby and and great bonding so it’s my passion I love it and that’s what it you know brings me to a South Miami hospital and working with moms and babies now that’s fantastic and let me tell you it’s very comforting to have someone like you grisel where you explain because you know when you have your first baby you really don’t know and then you wonder well will they latch on and will I have enough milk and there’s just so many things that make it a very anxious moment and that’s where you come in right right and how do you bring about that calmness mm-hmm well I you know we do like tation consoles that are ordered either by a physician or the mother’s nurse and we come in and first I’d like to ask my mom if they’ve had a chance to read up on breastfeeding okay or take any breastfeeding classes if this is their first child and depending on what they tell me then I know what I need to focus on but it’s you know I tell them it’s one day at a time sometimes it works from the beginning and sometimes it does not and it takes extra work so you know I just tell them you know to be patient to be persistent and to practice because look a lot of it there’s a lot of patience and practice involving breastfeeding you.

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