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Pregnancy during Storm, Health Channel

Dr. Sergio Segarra, Chief Medical Officer with Baptist Hospital of Miami, explains if there is a high risk pregnancy, like a 32-week multiple pregnancy, then they need to consult their doctor, and they create space at the hospital.

He also says during hurricane Irma they had over 100 pregnant women, they had the auditorium filled and some deliveries.


Pregnancy during Storm, Health Channel

You have taken care of everyone often I think about maybe someone who is eight-and-a-half months pregnant or maybe scheduled for a c-section or their water broke so do you get a pretty large amount of women and what’s the rule of thumb if you’re this month’s pregnant you should go to the hospital yes not yes what we what we do is there’s not a uniform there’s some guidelines okay so if there’s a high-risk pregnancy for example they have twins in their 32 weeks then that’s something that they need to consult with their doctor but we do CreateSpace at the hospital and it’s a fascinating event to see I saw the first time now during during Emma we create blocks I think I don’t know if they’re 5 by 8 5 by 10 and we will cordon off those areas and both the spouses and the patient do a tremendous job in getting television getting their computer getting their drinks and you will see all of these people in in those areas and that’s where they will weather out the storm so we had over a hundred pregnant women oh yeah maybe yes yes that we had the auditorium filled and spilled over into some of the halls and some of the additional areas that we had so we had a huge number of Frank and we had some deliveries I was gonna ask you that right now so how many birds have before you tell me how many birds happened is it true that phenomena that when there’s a serious storm coming and you’ve got some stress going on in your body and you may deliver early it’s it’s true because of the stress but it’s also true because of the changes in barometric pressure we get such a low and the pressure is it goes from high to low so inside the body was still you know pre storm so they’re more likely to do have their water break and to go into labor so that’s why you do get a large number of the larger number of deliveries during storms you.

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