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Jackfruit originally comes from India and then made its way through Asia. Terry Ochoa, Registered Dietitian with Baptist Health South Florida, explains it can be used as vegetable as well as fruit and it could also replace meat in diet.


So tell us a little bit about jackfruit I’ve been hearing a lot about jackfruit and seeing some products that kind of look like meat like pulled pork and and stuff like that can you tell us a little about jackfruit and its nutritional value so jackfruit is a beautiful fruit it’s enormous um I think you have a picture right there you see those seeds inside they can be enormous fruits like their stellar fruits and they come from India originally and then made its way through Asia and the Pacific wants to take credit for a lot of these fruits but here in South Florida we’re lucky we’re growing these with this fruit and it is a very versatile fruit when it’s when it’s in a unripe state it’s more like a vegetable it’s used like a vegetable and when it’s ripe it’s a fruit it does have it because of its consistency its texture its meatiness we’re able to replace meats in our diet not necessarily for the protein but for the texture for the consistency for that all around that that plate that visual that we enjoy it picks up the flavors of whatever spices you’re using so you can you do the pulp work and actually I brought something today and I’d like to show it to you oh that’s jackfruit this is jackfruit and it’s in a chili lime sauce wow it does look like like meat yeah like check it out that’s amazing so how does it taste thanks it tastes just like what it has so this one’s a chili line and it’s really this one I have not tasted taste of the pulled pork so I bought this one today because that’s what I’m gonna have today and it’s mimicking like a Mexican style dish so it’s gonna be fajita style tonight in my house don’t tell my son anything he doesn’t know he’s gonna go plant-based tonight and how’s the texture with this what can we expect it’s you not exactly like meat but it does have you know it just it has that meaning us to it you don’t just go through it like a fruit like a banana or anything like that it’s kind of difficult to explain but it just it picks up it picks up flavors its that texture that gives people that feel that they’re having something with more consistency more in my body you

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